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Professional ​

I’m an experienced Voice Over Artist offering a range of professional services. I have a complete audio studio capable of recording and producing top quality work. I am forever studying and learning new things about the business. I have developed skills and expertise which I am proud to showcase through my professional services. Whatever your needs or requirements are, I’m sure I can help. Learn more about the options I provide and feel free to  contact me about the service that best suits your needs.



Manuscript Editing

Screenplay Writing

Book Cover Artwork

Creative Story Consulting

& Projects
Producer - WaywardSun Audio Productions

Fully equipped and state of the art recording studio ​


Voice Over Artist

An Attended Death   by Anthony James Mazza

4 hours 30 minutes

In Plain Sight by Edmund Okocha 

7 hours 49 minutes 

Super Moon Protocol by JT Fluhart

7 hours 10 minutes 

Something To Think About  by Johnnie Williams III

2 hours 9 minutes

Blackout by Cate McKoy

6 hours 13 minutes 

Coins For The Skull by Chad Dingler

6 hours 56 minutes

Orks of Orakian by EMBUgaming 

Slug Wiseman by Michael Flowers

7 hours 29 minutes

Take Control of Your Life by J.Paul Nadeau

6 hours 45 minutes

Extracting Elian by Keith A. Roberts

2 hours 55 minutes

Quotes From Famous Men by JackFrank698 

I Woke Up Without an Ed by Don Harpell

Under 5 minutes

Gunny Mac Private Detective 

Trouble in Chinatown by Steven Walker

8 hours 2 minutes

Gunny Mac Private Detective 

Trouble in Cleveland by Steven Walker

5 hours 46 minutes

Apologia For The Law and The Sabbath

by Roger Hadad

4 hours 29 minutes

The Heart of Demesne

by James W. Killman

8 hours 30 minutes

Lost Identity

by Karl Braungart

6 hours 13 minutes

Dammit Just Ask

by J Paul Neadeau

8 hours 37 minutes

Sinner's Secret

by Julie Rowe

6 hours 37 minutes

Holy Terror

by John R. Dougherty

7 hours 50 minutes

Deep Into The Fire 

by Peter Fairfield

9 hours 44 minutes

Courage Conviction and Character

by Naol

6 hours 8 minutes

Audiobook Producer

Fully equipped recording studio capable of producing your novel to top quality industry standards. I can manage your manuscript from beginning to end  - from story concept to content and editing; from formatting, narration/performance and production.  I've written and sold screenplays to Hollywood producers as well. I am ready to start working with you on any project you have in mind. 

Demo Tape Steven Osarczuk
00:00 / 00:41
Demo TapeSteven Osarczuk
00:00 / 00:13
Demo TapeSteven Osarczuk
00:00 / 00:17
Woodworker Craftsman Timber Jacks Woodshop

2012 to 2020


​Thirty years experience in the area of wood working and carpentry . I've ran my own business as the sole proprietor with a wood shop making custom designed and uniquely original furniture and garden accessories.  I've sold my products all over the world and have customers in all states of our great union. 



Police Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant

1987 - 2012 


​27 years of decorated service as a uniformed police officer and then as a department administrator. What haven't I seen or done? Personal discipline, organization, commitment to something greater than oneself, honor and service, strength of character, dealing with adversity and crisis, knowing how to manage people in both positive and not so positive frames of mind.  Some of my training includes: 

  • Hostage Negotiator on the Emergency Response Team

  • Crisis Intervention Specialist 

  • Peer counselor - Suicide and Substance Abuse

  • Counter Terrorism / Active Shooter Response

  • Verbal Judo - Crisis De-escalation   

Emergency Communications Specialist

1987 -1989

Coordinating and communicating with emergency service operations and departments in the area of highway, Fire, Ambulance Rescue and Police and including Department of Environmental Conservation. 


1984 -1987 

Graphic and fine arts major with a minor in art history. 

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