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What my clients have to say

Steven Osarczuk of WaywordSun Audio Productions was the best voice technician for my first two novels. Patience, advice, and ability to perform are strengths I don’t find in many editors for my genre and audible talent. His experience shows in his portrayals of my characters and the stories. Since I don’t have all the answers, someone like Steve is a welcome inspiration. He gave my books the performances they needed. Getting a feel for my characters’ personality traits shows. Speaking in a foreign dialect and utilizing a person’s expression were his strengths, along with managing some technical difficulties along the way. It was encouraging to hear him say he liked my books. It is important to my writing. I like this guy!

Karl Braungart - Counter Identity

Lockdown Protocol Book.gif
J.T. Fluhart.jpg

 Thank you so much for doing such a great job as always.  Looking forward to starting the marketing push soon.  Hope this year is a great one for you.  I look forward to our next Protocol project!

JT Fluhart -Lockdown Protocol


Steven Osarczuk was the perfect choice for narrating my biography, "Courage, Conviction, and Character: The Biography of Dr. Aweis A. Ali." He is an incredibly talented, punctual, patient, and skilled narrator. His professionalism is second to none, and his exceptional work has left an indelible mark on my life. I am forever grateful to him for his outstanding contribution to my biography, which has undoubtedly made it a masterpiece.


Rev. Aweis A. Ali, PhD

General Secretary

Somali Bible Society 

Dr. Aweis A. Ali

Courage Conviction and Character

To anyone lucky enough to hire Steven at WaywardSun Audio Productions, I just finished a 4 month long project producing an audio version of my book - Deep Into the Fire. Working with Steven offers the best possible opportunities.  He is technically a "Pro" in every aspect of audiobook technology.  On the creative performance side, his rendition of the many characters was spot on. He brings a range of feelings, from heart wrenching, to powerfully intense, to laugh out loud funny. He easily pulled off the subtlest nuances of gender along with accents from a wide range of cultures. Sharing the creative process was the best part. With my feedback, he quickly shifted and amended what ever needed to be done. The only downside of the whole project was "finishing it". Steven Osarczuk  is skilled, talented, experienced, detail oriented and a really good person. I can not recommend him highly enough! 

Peter Fairfield -  Deep Into The Fire 

John R. Dougherty - Holy Terror

“As a first-time author, I am having to learn a lot about the whole process of book publishing on-the-fly, including audio book creation.  Finding good, trustworthy people to help you along this journey is crucial to your success, and finding Steven Osarczuk of WaywardSun Audio Productions has truly been an absolute God-send for me.  His skills as a voice talent far surpassed my expectations, and his ability to read in-between the lines of my book was astounding.  It was as if he was inside my head, bringing out all the voice inflections, character reactions, subtle nuances of the storyline, etc. that I was thinking about – and in some cases, that I myself wasn’t even thinking about.  Steven was able to create different voices for the different characters of my book, which was a perfect match for who the characters’ personalities are, even down to being able to reproduce various ethnic accents.  He was also able to help me make some improvements in the book, despite how many times the book had been edited and reviewed by the time he got his hands on it.  Steven Osarczuk is extremely talented, and if you want a powerful, deep voice for your production, while also boasting a wide range of vocal capabilities, he is your man!”

Sinners Secret Book Cover.gif
Julie Rowe.jpg

Working with Steven on my audio book was absolutely effortless. His attention to detail and thoughtful consideration of pronunciation and accents was extremely helpful. I look forward to working with him on future projects!

Julie Rowe - Sinner's Secret

Lost Identity Cover.gif

I struggled for years to find a decent narrator. A fellow author gave a name to me, none other than Steven Osarczuk. One of his strong features is the different voice sounds of the characters. And he maintained each one for each person. It included expressions of their different emotions, focusing on the dialogue between the protagonist, antagonist, and general speech. It says a lot for someone to assume the personality of a novel’s characters. He did it! Giving factual opinions about mistakes helped me better understand his professional status. I wondered how the program would work. It did, and now I know what to expect. Advising a client is a big plus; I don’t have all the answers. His ACX knowledge has been a big help, a time saver. Reading the acknowledgments of other authors is impressive and important.

WaywardSun Audio Productions and Steven Osarczuk is the way to go.

Karl Braungart - Lost Identity

The Heart of Demesne Book Cover.gif
James W Killman.jpg

Just finished an audiobook project that is just over 8 ½ hours.  Steven served as both voice over narrator and producer. 

As a voice over professional, he voiced fifty different characters on this project, and his range was amazing. Steven’s character development was also superb. He didn’t just read these parts, he acted these parts with the nuance that brought these characters to life.  As a producer he assembled this project that included performances by multiple voice over actors, music, and complex sound effects with a great outcome.   

As a team member, Steven is easy to work with. He keeps a good sense of humor while juggling many balls without any issues.  He offers insightful and constructive feedback.  He works hard at developing concepts by others.  This was a positive experience and I am looking forward to the next project with WaywardSun Audio Productions. 


James W. Killman - The Heart of Demesne

Super Moon Protocol Cover as book 1.gif
J.T. Fluhart.jpg

"Dude, get outta my head...... chapter 32 with Bronco, I love it! That's just how I imagined him. Beyond happy here!!" 

"You're doing a superb job... I am beyond excited how it is turning out."

 "I certainly will leave stellar reviews for you wherever I can.  And once I finish Lockdown Protocol I will be knocking on your door again! Thank you, Steven... this was a lot of fun and  I look forward to crossing paths again."

JT Fluhart -Super Moon Protocol

Something to Think About Book Cover.gif
Johnnie E Williams III.jpg

My experience working with Steven of WaywardSun was way beyond my expectations for such a smooth process. All of my time sensitive goals were achieved, and clarification was established at the onset, allowing for my content to be read in a very compelling way. My project was unique and required some special planning and structured timing with regards to delivery, but after a few emails and a conference call, I knew that I had selected the ideal person to read 'Something to Think About...'


I would highly recommend Steven Osarczuk as your audiobook narrator.

Johnnie E. Williams III - Something To Think About 


Blackout book cover.gif

Wayward Sun Audio Productions and Steven Osarczuk, specifically, was an absolute pleasure to work with on my Audiobook, Blackout. The production was both professional and done in a timely manner. 
Steven changes the voice for each character and kept the many characters consistent and precise. The recordings were done with flair. Sound quality was exceptional. 


I happily and highly recommend WaywardSun and Steven. 

Cate McKoy - Blackout

Embugaming image.jpg

Received an amazing narration of my fantasy stories lore. Great voice and superb audio experience. Will order again! Thank you Steven!

Leon  from Germany Embugaming

Orcs of Orakion Worldbuilding Story Lore

Coins for the Skull cover.gif
chad dingler.jpg

Working with Steven has been an absolute pleasure. He has been professional and easy to work with. While also delivering a quality product I can be proud of. I think I am happier with my audiobook, than when I finished writing the novel!  Which says alot!   I highly recommend him for any audiobook or narrator jobs. I am anxiously anticipating him working on my

Next novel ! 

Chad Dingler - Coins for the Skull

Slug Wiseman.gif

Pages would be required to list just a few of the things about what makes Steve the excellent choice. Steve is simply the BEST in the industry! All who reviewed each of the finished audiobook chapter Steve produced of my crime fiction novel had one thing in common to say: they all felt as though they were watching the action movie edition of the my novel Slug Wiseman. And they were not alone, for I felt the same. Steve does not only give a book a voice, but he also breathes life into the characters no matter how complex they are. Steve has the ability to bring any book to life!

Michael Flowers - Slug Wiseman

Dammit Just Ask Book Cover for web.gif
J Paul Nadeau2.jpg

"I recently had the pleasure of using WaywardSun Audio Productions for the narration of my book "Dammit, Just Ask!" and I am beyond impressed with the exceptional service and quality of work that Steve provided. Steve's narration was professional, engaging, and truly brought the words of my book to life. I was particularly impressed by how accessible and easy to work with Steve was throughout the entire process. As a returning customer, I had no doubt. 

I highly recommend WaywardSun Audio Productions for anyone looking for top-notch narration services. Steve's attention to detail and dedication to delivering a high-quality product was evident in every aspect of his work. I’m truly grateful for his contributions to my book and will definitely be a returning customer again for my future audio needs. If you're looking for a talented and professional narrator, look no further than WaywardSun Audio Productions!"

J. Paul Nadeau - Take Control of Your Life

Take Control of Your Life Book Cover red and white.png
J Paul Nadeau 1.jpg

"As the author of a best-selling book on overcoming self-sabotage, I was looking for a voice that was both calming and self-assured: one that could also soothe and encourage the listener at the same time. I found that in Steven Osarczuk of Wayward Sun. I'm absolutely delighted with the narration Steven delivered and found him excellent to work with. He delivered before the due date and was always accessible and willing to make the changes I requested. Steven also provided excellent recommendations, and it's with pleasure that I give him - and his work - a 5 Star rating! He's hands down your man for outstanding voice narration!"  J. Paul Nadeau, Best-selling author, Take Control of Your Life.

J. Paul Nadeau - Take Control of Your Life

Extracting Elian Cover.gif
Keith Roberts.jpeg

Steven was extremely professional, efficient, and obviously has an outstanding grasp on audiobook production. Thanks for the brilliant work!

Keith A. Roberts - Extracting Elian A Federal Agent's Story

I Woke Up Without An Ed Cover.gif
Don Harpell Image.jpg

Steven was very responsive and engaged in completing the audio for my book. His attention to the feel of the material and what is needed was spot on. Delivery was as agreed with an understanding of the standards needed, good quality and some additional advice thrown in for good measure.

Don Harpell - I Woke Up Without an Ed

Gunny Mac Private Detective Cover.gif
Steven G_edited.jpg

Fortuna ( The Roman Goddess of Fortune and Good Luck) intervened and shined some ancient light upon my novel and me when I came across Steven Osarczuk. Authors know it is hit and miss with people who they hire…especially newer authors…we are inexperienced and often gain experience by choosing wrongly. Not this time…I hit a homerun! His competence with ACX and narration made me choose him but his dedication to my book and my personal journey  made me realize how smart I am. I chose one helluva narrator and all-around good guy.

Great communicator, makes changes rapidly, discusses passages and chapters to get the authors intent, has a personality that dives into a story and brings it to life. Steven is narrating my second novel and hopefully will decide to narrate them all.

Steven G. Walker - Gunny Mac Private Detective

Trouble in Chinatown

Gunny Mac Cleveland Book cover.gif
Steven G_edited.jpg

As the narrator of my Gunny Mac Private Detective series, Mr. Steven Osarczuk has continually impressed me with his professionalism and quite frankly his devotion to the Gunny Mac Private Detective series as a whole. I feel he has taken responsibility to make me a better writer and is one of my most vocal cheerleaders and critics. His advice is much needed and desired. As military flyers have said…its nice to have a co-pilot! In this last novel, he orated  The Lords Prayer in Latin! He mastered phrases in Italian, German and Slovenian. His talent in improvising dialects brought my story to life and added to the flavor of my characters. His experiences, as a LT. in a New York Police Department and in life have given him an edge other narrators/producers do not have and I damn well appreciate that. And along the way I made a friend I will have for life.

Steven G. Walker - Gunny Mac Private Detective

Trouble in Cleveland

henry ford final (1).png

Very pleased with the voice work. Professional and great communication. He understood from outset what we needed and delivered outstanding narration. Will certainly use again and highly recommend. Thank you

JACKFRANK698 - YouTube Video Famous Quotes

Apologia Book Cover.gif
Roger Hadad Photo.jpg

Working with Steve has been a pleasure. Not only are the results excellent but the whole process felt flawless. From beginning to end Steve’s responsiveness is off the charts. Throughout the whole project I felt, not only that I was working with a professional but that I had a partner by my side, someone who would not only do the job but a friend who would walk me through the steps and help out as needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a partner for your audiobook project.

Roger Hadad - Apologia For The Law and The Sabbath

To Love God Is To Keep His Commandments

"If you’re looking for a professional to perform your book rather than simply read it. Hire this guy.

Steve Osarczuk at WaywardSun Audio Productions is great to work with. He’s easy to talk to and really knows his craft. He took the time to educate me about the audiobook process and let me know what to expect at each step. The quality of his work is outstanding and his production timetable impressive. He completed my 85,000-word novel In Plain Sight  

well ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with him again on book two."

Edmund Okocha - In Plain Sight  

Anthony james mazza.webp

"I've known Steve for 37 years. Hell, I dedicated my first book to him. He is my editor, my individual reader and my narrator/producer. I couldn't think of anyone else behind the mic with my stories. He is masterful and dedicated to his clients and his work.  We are currently working on my second book The Killing Tree." 

Anthony James Mazza - An Attended Death

Fifteen Tales of Horror and Suspense

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